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    On the 15th day of Gezi Park resistance Turkish riot police attack through barricades firing tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon at hundreds of protesters to clear Taksim Square early in the morning. People set off a human chain to protect Gezi Park from police.
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    Guy Fawkes masks was a significant symbol of the resistance that could be seen everywhere and every step of the uprising.
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    People continue to gather at Taksim Square and Gezi Park to protest the Prime Minister R.Tayyip Erdogan and AKP goverment on the 14th day of Gezi Park Resistance.
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    Anti-government couple listening to piano resital of German musician Davide Martello and the Turkish musician Yigit Ozatalay in Taksim Square.
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    On 15th June police attack Gezi Park which was under occupy by protestors for two week with tear gas. People running away from the park.
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Scatti da Gezi

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In occasione del quinto anniversario delle proteste di Gezi un fotoreportage da piazza Taksim (Istanbul) durante le manifestazioni del giugno 2013.

Fotoreportage di ©Adan Onur Acar.

Lo stesso fotografo ha pubblicato con Kaleydoskop anche il fotoreportage Trasporti a Istanbul.

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